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Bakery Products

Carrot Cake w/ Cream
Cheese Icing

Specialty Cakes

2 or 3-layers - 8 or 10 inch round
  • Chocolate Pound - rich, buttery and chocolatey, that will melt in your mouth. Enjoy with your favorite ice cream or plain

  • Old Fashion Pound Cake - the kind that Momma made with loads of butter, vanilla extract. Add fresh fruit and it will leave you reaching for another piece.

  • German Chocolate - layers of rich sweet chocolate cake each layer filled with coconut - pecan filling, frosted with chocolate icing. One slice will not be enough and will have you hiding it from family and friends

  • Carrot - this cake is loaded with crushed pineapple, carrots, pecans and golden raisins, topped off with cream cheese icing with just a touch of cinnamon

  • Maple Syrup Buttercream Cake - Made with Wisconsin Maple Syrup, toasted walnuts and the buttercream icing has another dose of maple syrup. Pancakes with maple syrup is for breakfast and this cake is for dessert after your other meals.

  • Red Velvet - A Southern tradition chocolate cake with that famous red coloring, cream cheese icing, licking your fingers are allowed

  • Coconut Cake - each layer with your choice of pineapple or lemon filling, then loaded with a white icing and shredded coconut

  • Italian Cream - another all-time favorite, loaded with pecan, coconut and cream cheese. A show stopper and crowd pleaser for your table.

Strawberry, Lemon, & Chocolate Tarts


  • Tart

  • Cookies

  • Brownies 

  • Pies

  • Bars

Assorted Cookies


Buttery and rich tasting
  • Oatmeal-Golden Raisin or Craisins

  • Sugar-plain or flavored

  • Chocolate Chip with or without nuts

  • Peanut Butter

  • Sweet Potato Drop

  • Cut-out themed

  • Coconut Macaroons/French Macaroons

  • Seasonal Cookies - Valentine, Easter, Mothers’ Day, Memorial Day, 4th July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

  • Personalized Birthday

Brownies and Bars

Fudgy, Chewy, and Cakey with toppings and mix-ins
  • Chocolate with and without nuts

  • White Chocolate Spice

  • Cream cheese

  • Berry, Cherry, Citrus and Fresh Fruit 

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate


  • Whole Wheat

  • White

  • Challah

  • Focaccia

  • Artisan

Morning Pastries

  • Scones - 12 count

  • Biscuits - 12 count

  • Muffins - 12 count

  • Coffee cakes - 9" round

  • Cinnamon rolls with cream cheese

French Silk


Size 9"
  • ​Fruit: apple, seasonal fruit, pumpkin, pecan, sweet potato-others as requested

  • Tarts: pastry cream (flavored), lemon, lime, citrus curd and fruits


6 in a box
  • Chocolate-Peanut Butter cups / toffee pieces

  • Bon-Bons-flavors various - orange, lime, lemon and fruit

Sheet Cakes

¼, ½ and full, 8-10 inch round
  • Icings-chocolate

  • European Butter

  • Cream cheese

  • Pecan

  • Chocolate ganache

​*Other pastries and desserts prepared on request

Sweets Table

  • ​This option offers a variety of desserts for your wedding or party. Call for consultation.


Call for all catering orders **48 hour notice.

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