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Pastry4u offers private hands-on baking classes for individuals and small groups in your home. Call to discuss & schedule a class. These classes can be custom tailored to what you would like to learn! Bakers will be able to participate in each step of the baking process to master the techniques. Harriett will share and explain each recipe, giving valuable tips and guidance during preparation.

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General Information

  • Choose a class type from the list of ideas below or request a custom class based on your liking. Harriett will taylor to your needs!

  • Learn fundamental baking skills to prepare different pastry products

  • Work as a team with other students to prepare recipes

  • Instructor interacts with students to provide hands on training and tips for a successful class​​

  • Maximum of 4 people per class for now



  • Basic class: 2-2 ½ hours

  • Breads and specialty desserts: 3-4 hours
    *time varies based on desired class type


  • Carry Home Packet

  • Recipes prepared in class, list of equipment used and taste of each prepared item 

$50.00 - $65.00 (Depending on class type & length) 

Call 262.705.5311 to plan your class today!

Class Ideas

Cookies-Bars & Brownies: Come learn the technique for making great cookies. Create different kinds of cookies using basic dough and different ingredients.                                                


Layer Cake: You will learn a variety of mixing and baking techniques including how to assemble classic, delicious and decadent layer cakes. Once completed correct plating for your guest.

Pound Cakes: Make different pound cakes by learning the required techniques. Add different ingredients to change the flavor profile.

Quick Breads: Muffins, biscuits, shortcakes, coffee cakes, popovers, and scones.

Pies and Tarts: Summer brings many great fresh fruits and in this class you discover how to use them in awesome homemade pies and tarts. First, you will learn how to make the foundation of pies and tarts: a flaky, delicious crust.  Then, learn to prepare the fruit filling. Finally, bake to perfection and enjoy fresh from the oven.

Yeast and Flat Breads: Learn fundamental baking skills to prepare different types of yeast doughs. We will take the intimidation out of making yeast doughs and start you on your way to a life of making and eating fresh breads. Also just think how happy you will make family and friends when they receive a gift of fresh, homemade breads made with your hands.

Specialty Desserts: Classes will be offered based on request.

* Note: Classes will include instructions on fillings, sauces and/or toppings specific to the recipe      

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